Walden Woods Coloring in Fellowship

Our newest Walden Woods activity, Coloring in Fellowship, has started out very well. The group meets Thursdays at 1:00PM in the Limited Clubhouse and is open to all residents of the Walden Woods community.

We ask that those who are coloring donate their finished products to the coloring group. These pages will then be taken to a church where they will be distributed to elderly folks in ALF's and Nursing Homes; especially those who have no family and friends left to visit them. We think a splash of color would be very uplifting for them. Even if you think that the results of your coloring are not that great, a bit of color in a lonely room will mean so much! Thanks in advance for helping with this.


For more information, contact Karen Chipko(352.382.8981) or Bobbie Ward (352.382.0199).